The Independent Energy Advisory Board was created to help businesses take advantage of the emerging competitive energy markets by making saving money on energy prices simple.
The breakup of the oil and gasoline monopoly by the federal government in 1911 led to increased competition, industrial innovation, and more choice with lower prices for consumers.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Does this cost anything?

No.  There are no start up fees.  There are no transfer fees.  There are no negotiation fees.  There are no sign up fees. Your out of pocket expense is ZERO.

What is deregulation?

The deregulation of the electricity industry is similar to the deregulation of the oil and natural gas industry in that it divided the electricity business into three separate functions: production or generation, transportation or transmission, and supply.

              Generation - the production of electricity
              Transmission/Distribution - the transportation from production to end user
              Supply - the sale of the electricity

Deregulation allows you to choose your electricity supplier in deregulated states across America creating better prices and customer service. Your local utility owns the infrastructure and will continue to deliver your electricity; an alternative energy supplier of your choice will become your electricity supplier.

Will I still be a customer of my utility?

Yes. The only difference is that you will also be saving money as a commercial customer of the alternative supplier of your choice. Your local utility owns the power lines that carry electricity to your business or organization and they will continue to bill you for the delivery of the electricity at rates governed by the state. The actual electricity will be supplied by the supplier of your choice.

What if power goes out?

If you lose power or if you have an emergency related to your power, you will still notify your utility. Utilities are required to respond with equal attention to all of their customers and they do not and can not discriminate against customers that choose an alternative energy supplier.

Will I notice any changes to my service?

No.  When you make the switch to an alternative supplier, your electrical service will continue uninterrupted. You will still have access to your usage and billing history appearing on your delivery bill from the utility.

Who is responsible for safety and reliability of power delivery?

The delivery system is still the responsibility of the utility and as such, its safety and reliability. The utility will maintain the lines and repair them if there is an outage or storm. The regulatory body overseeing utilities in your state will help to ensure that the utility continues to provide a safe, reliable delivery system for your use.

Will I get two bills per month, one from my new supplier and one from my local utility?

Depending on your local utility and your choice of alternative supplier you may get one bill or two separate bills.  Check with your Independent Energy Advisory Board representative.  They will be able to answer this question for you.

What if I am already under contract with another supplier?

If you are under a fixed rate term contract you must complete your contractual obligation.  There are different penalties for breaking your contract depending on your current alternative supplier.  However, many suppliers can provide you with a forward price contract up to 1 year in advance.  This agreement and pricing would automatically take over at the conclusion of your current contract.

What if I am under contract and electric rates drop during my term?

If rates drop significantly most suppliers will allow you re-up your agreement at the then current rate.
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