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Independent Energy Advisory Board
Who we are:

The Independent Energy Advisory Board was created to help businesses take advantage of the emerging competitive energy markets by making saving money on energy prices simple. The Board is the result of a unique synergy between the convenience of online capabilities and the numerous choices available from energy competition. The Independent Energy Advisory Board is the leading source for energy information and solutions.

The Independent Energy Advisory Board is an affiliate of the Energy Market Exchange (EMEX) and provides commercial customers with the tools to easily find, compare and contract competitive energy services. The Independent Energy Advisory Board is a ‘one-stop-shop’ destination connecting businesses to a select group of pre-qualified energy suppliers.

The most important factor separating the Independent Energy Advisory Board from its competition is the fact that we are completely unbiased in our recommendations.  We have no allegiance to any single supplier of energy.  Instead, our allegiance is to you and you alone to supply you with the lowest rate possible at the term that fits your business plan. The Independent Energy Advisory Board’s highly trained staff of business-to-business experts recommend only those energy suppliers meeting a rigorous criteria, offering competitive energy prices and delivering excellent customer service. Rest assured that any energy supplier the Independent Energy Advisory Board recommends will be consistent and honest with pricing, highly regarded with strong business ethics and financially stable.

Our Partners:

As an Energy Market Exchange affiliate, the Independent Energy Advisory Board represents over 20 different alternative energy suppliers.  Depending on your state and your energy usage anywhere from two suppliers to ten suppliers may bid to supply your energy. This obviously puts you, the customer, in the best position to receive the most competitive rate possible.  May the best rate win!
Here is a list of our current partners

Champion Energy Services
Cirro Energy
ConEd Solutions
Direct Energy Business
Discount Power
Epcot Electric
First Choice Power
FirstEnergy Solutions
Gexa Energy
Green Mountain Energy
Hudson Energy
Integrys Energy
Liberty Power
MC2 Energy Services
Mega Energy
NextEra Energy
South Jersey Energy
StarTex Power
Suez Energy
Trieagle Energy

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